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Traditional · Vector · Flat · Abstract

Whether sketching, calligraphy, painting, sculpting or working with vector shapes; I have have a deep passion for illustration. I try to bring the nuances of hand-made work to everything I create so that it comes across as organic, natural, and with a human touch.


Design · Strategy · Marketing

I love working with brands to reshape their image and their audiences perceptions from the ground up. I have created and curated countless resources which help to guide the branding process and reshape strategies for marketing, internal communications, publicity, and all related design collateral and ephemera.


Motion · Title Design · 3D · Compositing

I am extremely adept at designing for motion and consider this aspect with every project I undertake. I am an advanced user of Cinema4D, Z-Brush, and After Effects, but I can easily take on tasks using Maya and Nuke. I work with industry-leading tools and processes to develop and deliver hundreds visual effects shots and can work natively or in stereo 3D. I am extremely comfortable with all types of tracking, advanced particle and cloth simulations, procedural texture animation, and so much more.


Film · Video · Music

I create visual effects for feature films as well as produce, direct, edit, color grade, and finish. I have made over a dozen commercials along with a few selct motion graphics and music video projects. I use only the best equipment, resources, and individuals for projects I undertake and have built strong connections with creatives in the industry to give any project a high budget feel. I have also had the great opportunity to create videos for Pink, Brett Eldredge, HBO's Game of Thrones, 30 Seconds To Mars, and many others.
Ryan Brant, Creative Director | King's Shops Magazine | Photography | Retouching | Photoshop Layout | Color

Digital Imaging

Photography · Compositing · Color Grading

I began shooting in 2001 and have since been published in a wide variety of magazines. I have been featured on covers, in editorials and across a wide range of advertising collateral. I am exceptionally skilled at shooting high-end food, product, and editorial photography. I have developed unique processes over the years involving compositing and advanced color grading techniques which help my work have a commercial look without feeling over processed.

Web + Mobile

Design · Development · SEO

I have received over 20 awards for websites and mobile applications I have designed, developed, and delivered. My work has also been featured in countless forums around the world. This aspect, along with good design and development practices allowed my clients to see dramatic increases in web traffic, page rank, and overall sales conversions.

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