Network Branding
Creative Direction
3D Animation
Motion Design
Compositing & Lighting

While working on the entire network branding package for BYUtv, I was tapped by Troika to also lead the creative team in the design and motion theory for the Network Branding of BYUtv Sports.


I initially began my process by exploring a wide variety of design directions. For the initial pitch presentation I wanted to go with something I have yet to see in the world of sports branding; a very heavily composited cell animation look.


As a team, we landed on the idea that sports could be represented singularly by specific shapes. We determined that by carrying specific shapes throughout the network package and isolating those shapes for specific sports, that our shapes could then become own able brand devices. Once we had the shapes set: Triangle(Basketball), Hexagon (Football), Circle (Olympic Sports). Our team began to tear into every possible way we could present these shapes without them becoming an eyesore for the viewer or feeling generic overall.


With the initial direction and style frames locked. I lead the creative team to assemble, animate, light, composite, and style all deliverables for the network. We worked as a team to also take finished assets and create extremely simple toolkits that the BYUtv team could use to extend their brand graphics across a variety of show titles, live programming, and promotional collateral.

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