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Global Tour Creatives, leading marketing firm for globally recognized artists trusted in me to revision their brand, support the development of their website, and enhance the motion efforts for all of their many video adverts for artists and brands such as:

All work created by me while supporting GTC


I initially sat with key business leaders to understand and define the brand. We had a mind mapping session and talked about their ideas and my suggestions for crafting their mission statement and vision. We also looked at competitors, customers, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats, and ran a competitive analysis of brands positioned in opposition to them.

GTC Initial Mindmap


My first initiative when working with GTC was to redefine and reimagine their brand. They worked with some of the most high profile artists and brands around the world but their own image did not express a perceived value or any brand devices that fit with their promises. In fact they had no brand promises, no mission statement, no tagline and no logo . whatsoever other than a clip art microphone used to convey the notion that they primarily handled recording artists. I began by roughing out various brand marks that could convey that they worked with musicians and performers. After about 30 various concepts the team selected four brand marks they wanted to explore.


During this time I worked concurrently on a brand document that would serve as a brief for my plan going forward and took into consideration my findings from collaborative meetings, internal questionnaires, independant research, and exploration.

Brand Guidelines

I continued the explore various typographic options for the brand that could be used independent of a logomark or used together to balance the design or make for specific use cases. Once the team was set on a logomark and a logo type. I began to build out a rough brand guideline document that would encapsulate how the brand and its devices devices could be utilized for OOH advertising and internal collateral.

The document I crafted was roughly 40 pages of exposition and rules to define and shape the brand into something people would connect with. Wether it was through color, metaphor, balance, voice, style or behaviors, my goal was to shape a brand that met key business objectives and also had some personality.

Key stake holders lived with these documents for a while and ideas were tested and executed to see if they could last. After further discussions we refined the brand together, strengthening the voice and style, typography, balance, and color. Finally I reworked the brand guidelines into a finished document and delivered all files and assets for the design team to use across all internal and external documents and marketing collateral.

Brand Reveal

I crafted two alternate concepts for a brand reveal. This would be utilized as an introduction to all client or consumer facing collateral and would serve to introduce or tag any work that was proprietary and a product of the agency itself.

Web Design

With the brand crafted and delivered, I turned my attention to the website design and development. Early on, I created various splash, landing, page and interaction concepts and even began to develop frameworks as a proof of concept/prototype. As the brand evolved it was time to reshape the appearance and functionality. I utilized HTML5, Mustache and Vanilla JS, PHP, and LESS.

Intial Design & Dev using HTML5, Mustache JS, PHP


During this time, I also supported the team creating countless promotional videos, advertisements, and social postings. Each asset was tailored to the brand we were designing for and some assets were developed custom to meet the clients needs. I have a wide variety of motion and editing samples if you are interested. For the sake of load time, all items related to motion design, vfx, and editing have not been included on this page.

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