Style Frames
Creative Direction
Style Frames
Motion Design

Working with Troika, I was entrusted to craft the look and feel for the Motortrend Rebrand. I went through countless iterations of visual styles and concepts. Designs were heavily graphic and inspired by modern printing techniques.

Various Explorations

Below are some examples of various explorations for the Motortrend Rebrand. The work executed on these helped me to arrive at a final approved look and feel which was extended through the entirety of the Network Rebrand and consolidated into a final Brand Guidelines document .

Promo Exibits

Each of these conceptual explorations were arranged as a standard promo format so Motortrend key stakeholders and the Troika creative team could visualize a real world example of the look in use.

Brand Reveal

I also crafted multiple style frames that would translate into the animation constraints for the Motortrend Brand Reveal. I looked at compositing the logo into real world environments, overlays, and various blend techniques to create a senes of added texture to the entire scene helping both the imagery and the logo to feel unified.


Once the final designs were selected the Troika creative team took my direction and executed the visual style across the entire network brand deliverables which included: brand guidelines, promos, interstitials, logo reveals, lower thirds and more.

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