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Style Frames
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When Troika was approached by MTV and CMT to design their upfront graphics, I was entrusted to lead the creative team in cultivating an original look for the event that would be carried across branded collateral and environmental graphics.


I worked along with several creatives developing branded looks. I took inspiration from a variety of sources and translated that into ideas that several of the artists crafted. My responsibility was not only to cultivate my own approach but to manage the approach, direction and execution of all artists assigned to the project. I often shared encouraging methods and approaches to design practices that would save time, reduced iterations, and turn around original works of art. I worked together with the team of creatives at Troika and individual freelancers to perfect textures, refine renders, and enhance layouts for and unforgettable MTV upfront. Below are some of the renders that showed the final deliverables developed by my team and I.

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