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Working with Conscious Minds, I developed the brand, guidelines, mockups and packaging designs for Resilience CBD. With a focus on the modern athlete, Resilience CBD is wanted to position themselves as the Nike of CBD products.


I submitted a wide variety of concept explorations for the product packaging. We began to work down the design devices until we arrived at a clear and meaningful package design for the brand. Each concept was also presented as a family of products from oils to balms so we could asses the best direction from each design device. Below are a few examples of alternate explorations along with a product family view.

Final Designs

Layer by layer I worked with the client and creative team to remove unnecessary elements that didn’t convey the value and approach of the brand and we worked to solidify a cohesive look across the entire family of CBD products.

Full Spectrum CBD Oil
Isolate CBD Oil
Full Spectrum CBD Balm
Isolate CBD Lotion

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