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Creative Direction
A series of sylized vignettes, interstitials, and logo resolves for Paramount+ Peak Screaming.

Pop Clutch




  • Concept Development
  • Styleframes
  • Creative Direction
  • Art Direction

  • Styleframes
  • Source Files
Final Animation

Style Frames

The Project

When I was first approached with the project I was shown the campaig from the previous year which Paramount+ loved and used heavily. The ask for this project was for something a little more gritty, tactile, and could contain three independent looks: Errie, Creepy, and Downright Freaky.

I began by crafting a story: In the heart of an old Victorian manor, an 18th century scientist conducts eerie experiments that take a chilling turn into the dark world of the spirits.

Viewers are led through a series of increasingly ominous rooms and a variety of experiments and introduced to ecclectic science labs, disconcerting experimental rooms, sinister writing chambers,and a range of energy channeling devices and dark potions. Across the range of visuals, the audience is greeted with a wide array of Halloween symbology; skulls, bats, spiders, cobwebs, ravens, snakes, ghosts and environments designed to elicit eerie, creepy, and downright freaky emotions.

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Eerie Concepts
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Creepy Concept
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Freaky Concept

The Refresh

Paramount and Pop Clutch loved the look and feel but felt it pushed too far when compared against their previous look. They asked to play into the Mad Scientist theme throughout and focus on the gadgets, gizmos, and experiments, with only hints at the occult.

They also asked to bring in their blue tones to better align with the brand. I wanted to keep this within the theme of Halloween so that the Mad Scientist lab was grounded in an idea and didnt just feel spawned from nothing.

So I introduced elements of dread and gloom, along with traditional elements that could make the feeling of Halloween and monsters come to the forefront. I thought of this as kind of a Frankensteins lab haunted by the spirit of Edgar Allen Poe.

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