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We Are Royale
Character Reveals / Promo

We Are Royale




  • Concept
  • Narrative
  • Environment Design
  • Texturing
  • Pre-Vis
  • Motion Desig
  • Lighting + Rendering
  • Animation

  • 60s Promo 4K
  • 60s Textless 4K
  • 60s Broadcast 4K
  • 60s Promo HD
  • 30s Promo HD
  • 30s 9:16 Social
  • 15s 1:1 Social
  • AEP Toolkit
Final Delivery

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The Concept

Riot and XBOX set out to craft an announcement that would not just impress, but astonish both Riot Games enthusiasts and Xbox die-hards. Our team was provided low poly characters as a base, and from that we had to birth an original idea that would capture attention and gear up their audience to join the action. I was responsible for five Riot Games blockbusters cruising into the Xbox Game Pass realm and new that we needed a high-octane strategy to spotlight each game, yet seamlessly tying it all together with less than desirable game objects.

The Execution

I embraced the raw, edgy charm of low-poly artistry, carving five characters from organic rock. These figures, perched on sparkling, crystalline pedestals, commanded a stunning grandeur. To soften their jagged outlines, I worked to dial up the drama of light and shadow; lighting their backs lit by a colossal LED wall, pulsating with the vibrant energy of game footage and Xbox's iconic green typography. Slowing down the camera's movements, I added a weighty solemnity to each shot. The pièce de résistance? Cracks splitting across each sculpture to unveil a torrent of emerald light as a nod to an unparalleled parntership between the two brands.

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Branded Intro for all 5 Games
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Digital Type Treatments

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Character Teasers
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Matchcut Reveals