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We Are Royale
Live Action / Promo

We Are Royale


Ubisoft Assasins Creed - Nexus


  • Art Direction
  • Previs
  • Animation
  • Motion Design
  • Particle Simulation
  • Lighting + Rendering

  • 30s Promo
Final Delivery

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The Concept

Ubisoft revved up to unleash their latest VR sensation, Assassin's Creed Nexus, at E3. Their mission? Hook the audience with unbridled player engagement and a full dive into the virtual realm. They've taken the classic void shards from the franchise's roots and gave them a futuristic, adrenaline-pumping makeover - a fitting herald for our hero. With the assistance of the dynamic team at WAR and the swift precision of the Bolt cam, we seized riveting live-action footage of our protagonist. Combine this with the tracked cameras on live action and hyper-stylized game plates, and voila! Transition magic was born.

The Execution

I spent my time with WAR navigating a maze of particle simulations, orchestrating animaions and camera movements in the Unreal engine, crafting custom shaders to tame multipass outputs for perfect color and lighting control, and getting ultra perscriptive in notes to the entire team. We played with shards, morphing their transitions from complex geometric assemblies to sleek wipes. Finally, the stage was set in Redshift and the finale came alive in Nuke.

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Intro Shard Transition
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Connnor to Kassandra Reveal

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Kassandra to Ezio Reveal
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Final Kill Void Transition